Shellac, OPI, SPA, Extensions

Express manicure
Ideal for the woman on the go:

Well-groomed nails, no matter how busy you are.

Try our quick-fix express manicure

Buffing: Look effortlessly polished with our buffing services. Bring your man with you

Gives your nails “natural” shine that won’t chip off

Can increase the blood circulation to the nail bed.

Gives a smoother surface for the polish to adhere to.

Leaves such an attractive shine to the nails

Acrylic extensions

Solves brittle nails,

Nails art

Colour change


Manicure – £15.00

French Manicure – £17.50

Treatment Manicure – £20.00 (Beneficial for dry, split cuticles and nails)

Manicure for Gentlemen – £10.00

Shape and Varnish (Fingers or Toes) – £11.00

Shape and Varnish (Fingers or Toes. Under 10 years Old) – £7.00

Buff and Re-varnish – £15.00

Removal of Nail extension with basic manicure – £25.00